AceMoney version 4.37.1 / December 24, 2018

Personal Finance Software for Mac OS X or Windows

AceMoney is the best Quicken or Microsoft Money alternative financial software you can find, for Mac OS X or Windows. Manage accounts of different types in different currencies, track your spending habits, record your expenses, or do on-line banking. You do not have to be an accountant to use it. It is so easy! Set your mind at ease by scheduling automatic backup.

Personal Finance Software - AceMoney - Quicken Alternative
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What's new?

History of changes
4.37.1 (December 24, 2018)
- Bug fixes

4.37.0 (December 18, 2018)
- Cryptocurrencies added
- Currency and stock update improved
- Currency exchange fixed
- Yahoo Finance fixed
- Bloomberg fixed
- MSN Money fixed
- Financial Times fixed
- MacOS improvements
- Some bugs fixed

4.36.6 (July 17, 2018)
- Bloomberg fixed
- Yahoo Finance fixed
- Google Finance fixed
- Currencies fixed

4.36.5 (May 16, 2018)
- Financial Times fixed
- Bloomberg fixed
- Yahoo Finance fixed
- Yahoo Finance UK fixed
- Google Finance fixed
- Currencies fixed

4.36.4 (December 06, 2017)
- Bloomberg fixed
- Yahoo Finance fixed
- Yahoo Finance UK fixed
- Currencies fixed

4.36.3 (November 27, 2017)
- Bloomberg fixed
- Yahoo Finance fixed
- Yahoo Finance UK fixed
- Currencies fixed

4.36.2 (Oct 7, 2016)
- Chase OFX download issue fixed
- Currencies fixed
- Updated online banks
- Bloomberg isuse fixed

4.36.1 (June 4, 2015)
- Discover download fixed
- Bloomberg fixed
- few other smaller fixes

4.36 (April 15, 2015)
- Updates for online banking
- Updates for online quotes
- More robust registration

4.35.2 (Feb 4, 2014)
- Fixed Bloomberg quotes
- Updated online banks

4.35.1 (Sep 5, 2013)
- Fixed a glitch affecting several banks that use older online data protocol

4.35 (Aug 21, 2013)
- Simpler registration dialog
- Fixed download issue with Yahoo stock prices
- Faster program startup for Windows and Mac

4.34 (Apr 17, 2013)
- Updated the list of online banks
- Improved phone/tablet pairing experience (AceMoney Receipts)
- Closed accounts are now hidden in AceMoney Receipts

4.33.1 (Dec 29, 2012)

- Fixed first synchronization when clicking "Grant Access" (Server Error 2)

4.33 (Dec 28, 2012)

- Reduced bandwidth requirement for online sync with AceMoney Receipts
- Matched default reporting periods in AceMoney and Receipts
- Fix: international characters did not always sync between devices

4.32 (Dec 20, 2012)

- Fix: fixed online access for BofA customers
- Fix: fixed rendering of online help in the MacOS version
- Added "Credit Union 1" online support
- Localized for Italian and Swedish languages

4.31 (Dec 18, 2012)

- NEW: Receipt snapshots are saved, visible in the register
- Faster Android device synchronization
- Localization fixes

4.30 (Nov 30, 2012)

- NEW FEATURE: integration with AceMoney Receipts for Adroid
- (UI) updates to improve readability on low-resolution screens
- Fixed network connection issue (present only on Windows 8)
- Bug fix roll-up

4.20.7 (Apr 10, 2012)

- Single-click install and upgrades for MacOS users
- (UI) Updated product graphics with new look

4.20.6 (Mar 26, 2012)

- Fixed multi-threaded cause of duplicate transfers with online imports
- Corrected "new account created" message for OFX and QFX imports
- Fixed date issue with reports that use fiscal year
- (UI) Enabled [Backup Now] feature even if scheduled backup is not enabled
- (UI) Added "Duplicate Detection Range" setting in the options dialog
- (UI) Password-protected files are shareable by default
- (UI) Increased number of retries for entering a password
- (UI) AceLiteOnly: allow unlocking file after a computer crash
- (UI) More informative error messages if the file is locked or corrupted

4.20.5 (Mar 8, 2012)

- Fixed backup process for improperly named files
- Fixed File->Archive file extension naming
- Enabled AMJ conversion for files other than MMW
- Appropriate error message when opening a badly corrupted file

4.20.4 (Mar 1, 2012)

- Bloomberg stocks tweak
- Smarter transaction import logic for cross-account transfers
- Support for MMW files protected by legacy passwords (pre-2005)

4.20.3 (Feb 23, 2012)

- Fixes for Bloomberg and AMFIndia exchanges
- Fixes for Yahoo finance zero-padded option names (e.g. YHOO120317C00015000)
- Added Northstar Bank of Texas and Denton Area Teachers CU

4.20.2 (Feb 17, 2012)

- Fixed MMW file compatibility issue
- Suppressed unneded pasword prompts from AceMoney Reminder
- Improved import logic to better match against existing transactions

4.20 (Feb 16, 2012)

- Implemented strong encryption for the AceMoney file format
- Added support for dynamically downloading online bank updates
- Added Ctrl-Shift-S keyboard shortcut for File->SaveAs..
- Fixed Bloomberg and Yahoo stock quotes
- Added Amegy Bank of Texas, Velocity CU and Independent Bank

4.19.1 (Oct 13, 2011)

- Fixed a crash when printing from MacOS version
- Fixed online quotes for precious metals (Gold)
- Improved handling of password-protected files
- Added "every three weeks" option for recurring bills (customer request)
- Added "Go to Other Account" option for transfer transactions (right click)
- Fixed QIF importing for stock buys/sells smaller than 0.001 shares
- Improved recognition of nameless accounts in QIF files
- Added online support for Desert Schools Federal Credit Union
- Added online support for Jack Henry Bank
- Added support for Discover Bank


- Added Hide zero rows checkbox to the Report page
- Fixed account filtering issue in Spendings by accounts report
- Improved transaction import from CSV files
- Improved new investment transaction entry
- Improved investment transactions import from OFX files
- Renamed Difference, % to Budget, % column in the budget reports
- Fixed window title filename update bug
- Added support for First Tech Credit Union
- Added support for First Tech Federal Credit Union
- Added support for Commerce Bank, NA


- Updated Bloomberg data source
- Fixed CashFlow report date filtering error
- Fixed calculation of custom fiscal year end date
- APR value is no longer dependent on currency format
- Fixed minor bugs


- Added support for inline functions
- Added new periods for account balance forecast
- Improved error handling for stock quote downloads
- Fixed autosave prompt after online updates
- Added difference percent column to the budget reports
- Added support for Wells Fargo Advisor
- Added support for Silver State Schools Credit Union
- Added support for Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union
- Updated address of PNC bank


- Fixed Spendings by accounts report bug when filter by categories is applied
- Improved investment transaction import from QIF files
- Added support for Mission Federal Credit Union
- Added support for New England Federal Credit Union
- Added support for Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union
- Added support for direct downloads from Yandex.Money


- Updated Campus USA CU server
- Improved recognition of accounts reported by the banks
- Fixed a cosmetic bug on the category page
- Added support for OptionsXpress
- Added support for Los Angeles Firemanís Credit Union
- Added support for Franklin Templeton Investments


- Improved stock quotes import from QIF files
- Investment transactions now can be imported from OFX files
- Portfolio and Payee page items can be copy/pasted to spreadsheets
- Downloaded change, open, 52 week low and high values now also
  take into account Divide by 100 investment attribute
- Fixed new category dialog error
- Added support for Campus USA Credit Union
- Added support for Hewitt Associates
- Added support for Santa Barbara Bank & Trust
- Added new server for Bank of America
- Updated direct connect info for Wells Fargo
- Updated support for American Century Investments


- Fixed Gain Percent column visibility bug
- Investments now can be sorted by type
- Fixed order of 52 wk min/max when downloaded from Bloomberg


- Added Type Change, Open, P/E, Div Yield, 52 week low and 
  high columns to the Portfolio page
- A set of visible columns on the Portfolio page now can be customized
- Double click on the investment now opens a page on the datasource site
- Added Financial Times data source
- Added support for Kinecta Federal Credit Union
- Added subtotals by average values in the monthly reports
- Fixed subcategory grouping problem
- Totals in the Investment Performance report now takes into account
  investment currencies
- MS Money classification applied to the scheduled bills now also 
  are automatically created as AceMoney tags
- Improved duplicate detection logic for transaction import
- Added support for ING Direct
- Added support for VyStar Credit Union


- Added support for the user defined fiscal year
- Account dialog has two new fields: balance limit and APR
- Available balance now optionally can be displayed on the main page
- Monthly budget limits dialog now supports multiple selection
  and allows to add limits for multiple months
- Category, subcategory, account and and transaction reports now 
  can display subtotals according to the current sort column
- Added show subtotals checkbox to the reports page
- Added show closed accounts checkbox to Filter by accounts dialog
- Sort colimn is now remembered when switching between the reports
- Quicken classes and MS Money classifications are now converted into
  AceMoney tags during import
- Improved filtering logic in the Spendings by categories report
- Added International Stock and International Bond investment types
- Added support for Serbian Dinar (RSD)
- Added new server for zWachovia direct connections
- Fixed Wine compatibility issue causing failed downloads
- Fixed an error in budget totals calculation on the Categories page
- Improved precision of budget limit extrapolation for the reports
- Fixed an error in reconciliation warning check when dealing with 
  partially reconciled transfers


- Fixed filtering bug in the Spendings by accounts report
- Improved move transaction behavior
- Improved import of Mortgage/Loan accounts from MS Money XML files
- Updated records for M&T Bank
- Fixed minor errors


- Improved transaction coloring when more than one tag 
  is applied to the same transaction
- Added a filter to the Import Rules dialog
- Import rules now can be sorted by payee and category
- Added Rename button to the Organize Reports dialog
- Budget reports now show unassigned transactions
- Tags now can be applied to the recurring bills
- Sum of reinvested dividends no longer affects gain figure
- Updated Money Central data source
- Added Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC)
- Added support for ING Direct (Canada)
- Added support for Huntington National Bank
- Added support for Mountain America Credit Union
- Added support for First Citizens Bank
- Added support for Citizens Bank
- Added support for Delta Community Credit Union
- Added support for State Employees Credit Union (NC)
- Added support for Arizona State Credit Union
- Added support for M&T Bank


- Added support for user defined tags
- Added Every two years bill frequency
- Improved recognition of dividend transactions in QIF files
- Fixed balance update bug after a new transaction was entered
- SaveSettings/RestoreSettings batch files now backup config.ini
- Fixed occasional download problem from TD Bank
- Added support for First Republic Bank, First Community FCU, 
  First Community Bank (IA) and Community First Credit Union


- Improved investment transaction import from OFX files
- Improved recognition of check numbers on import
- Improved handling of multicurrency transfers
- Improved account matching logic on import
- Now the transaction dialog accepts amounts in foreign currency
- Added support for Washington State Employee's Credit Union
- Added support for Edward Jones
- Added support for Apple FCU
- Added support for the new T Rowe Price servers


- Added support for the month specific budget limits
- Added do not ask again setting to the bill amount update 
  and bill account update warnings.
- Added support for FORTS futures to the Finam data source
- Removed Total and Average values from the monthly spending charts
- Fixed tooltip flashing in the bar charts
- Improved sorting of recurring bills and deposits
- Fixed OFC import
- Bank provided payees are no longer created when import rule is applied
- Now transactions for the several accounts can be imported 
  from the same OFX file


- Updated Bloomberg data source
- Added Move to account option to the context menu
- Improved investment transaction import from OFX
- Fixed order of columns in the calendar bills dialog
- Added support for Charles Schwab
- Added total line to the investment performance report
- Improved autonumbering logic for the automatic bills
- Added support for Regions Bank
- Added support for Fidelity Investments
- Added another online provider for Bank of America


- Added Last 12 months period
- Updated India Times data source
- Fixed minor bugs
- Cleaned up a list of deprecated bank servers
- Improved direct connect account number matching logic


- Added a possibility to show future bills/deposits 
  for the next 18 and 24 months
- Added Current Price column to the Investment Performance 
- Added Go to transaction context menu item to 
  the transaction report
- Updated Bloomberg data source
- Fixed sorting bug on the schedule page
- Improved import rule creation
- Fixed autonumbering problem when recording the scheduled 
- Updated direct connect info for BB&T, Wachovia 
  and Wells Fargo


- Added Category and Automatic columns to the Schedule page
- Added support for KeyBank, Bank of the West
- Improved detection of duplicate transfers
- Added import of the scheduled bills from MS Money
- Added import of multiple accounts from Quicken
- Added Select Open button to the account filter dialog
- Added totals of selected withdrawals and deposits 
  to the balance dialog
- Improved import of directly downloaded investment 
- Fixed a minor problem with the line ends in the 
  configuration file
- Added Accept Imported Transactions, Close and Reopen 
  menu items to the Accounts page context menu
- Miscellaneous import improvements


- Added new date periods: year to date, month to date,
  quarter to date, all dates to date and all dates
- Added Reinvest short and long term capital gain 
  investment transaction types
- Added an option to add a date to the backup file name
- Updated IndiaTimes data source


- Added gain distribution actions to the transaction list
  on the portfolio page
- Fixed a bug in Sell shares transaction processing


- Added Average column to Monthly spendings by categories,
  Monthly spendings by subcategories and Monthly spendings
  by payees reports
- Added Skip bill button to the schedule screen
- Added support for short and long term capital gains
- Added transaction import from CSV files
- Added investment import from CSV files
- AceMoney Reminder now will launch even if the data file 
  is not found
- Improved import from Microsoft Money
- Import rules now preserve the original information 
  in transaction comments
- Improved direct connect compatibility with some banks
- Fixed sorting problem on the Categories page
- Fixed minor bugs in direct connect service


- Updated Bloomberg data source


- Added German help file
- Updated QIF parser
- Fixed window update problem when repositioned with Windows 7 
  Windows key shortcuts
- Fixed text file export end of line character


- Updated Euro icon and added yet another pound icon
- Updated Bloomberg data source
- Updated IndiaTimes data source
- Improved account number matching logic for direct connections


- Added Apply import rules to the import dialog
- Disabled application of the import rules when importing 
  from Microsoft Money
- Multiple transactions are now correctly deleted from 
  the transaction report


- Added support for Moscow Stock Exchange (MICEX/MMVB)
- Updated Bloomberg data source
- Added British Pound icon to AceMoney.exe
- Imported transaction state is now correctly applied to
  the transfers
- Half cleared transfers are not correctly processed by
  the Balance Account dialog
- Fixed case conversion error in the import rules logic


- Added a checkbox to automatically close download dialog
  when all tasks are done
- Split comments are now included to the transaction tooltip
- Fixed a bug causing two buttons show up on the account page
  when the side panel is hidden
- Transfer import rules now are correctly applied to the 
  manually imported files too
- Fixed minor spelling errors


- Fixed balance calculation bug ignoring initial balance


- Added direct connect to download transactions straight to AceMoney
- Added more than one thousand predefined import rules
- Import rules now can be imported and exported to CSV files
- Import rules now can convert deposits and withdrawals to transfers
- Improved performance of the main page refresh
- Added Investment transaction button to the account page
- Improved import of investment transactions from Microsoft Money 
  xml files
- Added new columns to the Investment Performance report
- Added Bloomberg data source
- Updated Zagreb Stock Exchange data source
- Transaction delete confirmation now can be disabled
- Scheduled Bill delete confirmation now can be disabled
- Cleared/Reconciled transaction change confirmation now can be 
- Fixed a bug in saving favorite report period type
- Fixed a bug in displaying transfers in the search results
- Changed filter by text evaluation logic to exclude transactions 
  without any comment from the reports
- Search dialog now defaults to the current account if search 
  is called from the account page
- Investments page totals now get properly updated when a new 
  transaction is entered and the investments are filtered by 


- Added new investment types
- Fixed multicurrency issue in the investment charts
- Improved budget limit extrapolation logic
- Report name is now displayed in the main window title
- Added export of categories to the text files
- Updated IndiaTimes data source
- Added support for mouse back/forward buttons and keyboard
  application buttons (Back, Forward and Home)
- Load last file flag is no longer reset when file is not present
- Added support for Unidad de Fomento (UF)
- Improved investment performance analysis


- Added account filter to the Portfolio page
- Added three new charts to the Portfolio page
- Added investment report to the Reports page
- Fixed transaction search function to look in split comments too


- Find transaction dialog now also searches in tags and investments
- Added new report filters by investments, tags and text
- Transaction report now fully describes investment transactions
- Added type-and-find support to the Payees page
- Minor improvements to the Import dialog
- Removed flash of account data on invalid password entry
- Updated RTS data source


- Fixed total calculation bug in the Investment Transaction dialog
- A combination of the Find dialog fields now is treated 
  as logical AND (instead of logical OR).


- Improved OFX import
- Improved QIF import
- Added grid lines to the Balance dialog
- Improved user input processing in the Search dialog
- Added support for Windows Menu button and Shift+F10 to call 
  context menus
- Added an option to sort transactions of the same day by number
- Fixed rounding issue in reinvest dividend calculations
- Added converter from Microsoft Money to AceMoney


- Added per category and per payee totals to the monthly reports
- Fixed Hebrew translation problems
- Fixed a bug preventing Spending by accounts report be produced 
  from Favorites menu
- Fixed behavior of account menu shortcuts
- Transaction categories dialog now supports multiple selection
- Fixed minor transaction number related autocomplete bug
- Fixed Encountered an improper argument message in Calendar
- Fixed error in period total calculation of CashFlow report
- Updated Yahoo Finance data source


- AceMoney Lite now supports two accounts
- Added Monthly Category and Monthly Subcategory spendings reports
- Added Monthly Payee spendings report
- Added Spendings by Accounts report
- Updated Google Finance data source
- Added a flag to disable automatic quote downloads 
  for individual investments
- Updated QIF parser to support non-standard files produced by Chase

- Set default period for many reports to the current month


- Added Number field to the bill dialog
- Fixed split bill editing issue
- Fixed minor currency exchange rate download problems
- Improved Google Finance data source to handle Chinese stocks
- Fixed detection of duplicate check numbers in transfers
- Fixed import of transactions from QIF files with categories 
  ending with colon
- Fixed a minor bug in account list export to CSV file


- Updated AMFI India data source
- Improved support of QIF files produced by Lloyds TSB bank
- Fixed currency exchange rate download error when initiated
  from the currency exchange dialog
- Fixed minor issues with modifications of transactions 
  in the search dialog


- Added printing of portfolio and investment Transactions
- Added printing of banks
- Added printing of payees
- Added printing of categories
- Added printing of schedule
- Updated PayPal order parser
- Transactions within the same day are now ordered by numbers
- Extended reconciled balance tooltip deactivation period
- Fixed currency exchange rate download via proxy server


- Amount, category and comment are now automatically filled-in 
  for any new transfer based on the most recent transfer
  between the same accounts
- Fixed check for updates in AceMoney Lite
- Copy operation is now supported in Transaction Search dialog
- Added an option to disable transaction comment autofill feature
- Updated PayPal order parser to support new notification format
- Total budget limits now can be displayed both on annual 
  and monthly basis
- Added pre-Euro European currencies for historical records
- Fixed minor toolbar and column headers painting problems
- Improved compatibility with large fonts and high DPI modes
- New transaction becomes selected now in Balance Account dialog


- Added support of multiple selection to the list of payees
- Added Inactive payee state and Hide inactive payees checkbox
- Added navigation between accounts by Ctrl+1 - Ctrl+0
- Fixed persistence of Check for updates flag
- Added MSN Money UK data source for UK investments


- Added check for a newer version at startup
- Improved processing of opening balance records in QIF files
- Improved detection of some rarely used investment transactions 
  types in QIF files
- Fixed sudden amount updates when viewing split transaction 
  with zero totals
- Fixed error in cash value calculation of the partial reinvest
  dividend investment transactions
- Fixed budget limit adjustment logic for the custom dates
- Added support for Azerbaijan New Manat (AZN)
- Window title is now updated after File->Save As
- Fixed column size reset in the transaction list
- Improved management of the main window position
- Improved transaction list printout
- Improved keyboard navigation between reports
- Added Backspace/Shift+Backspace as Back and Forward keyboard


- Fixed currency exchange rate download problem
- Fixed bill update error in the transaction list
- Fixed open attachment issue when default action was not used
- Fixed text file export bug when exporting a list of accounts
- Fixed maximum number of characters problem in split tooltip
  causing "encountered an improper argument" error message


- Added clip icon to mark transactions with attachments
- Fixed problem with tags and attachments in Windows 95/98
- Fixed check sorting error in transaction list
- Improved handling of investment dialog
- Fixed sorting issues in the list of investment transactions
- Fixed line ends in the exported text files
- Fixed minor selection problems in the transaction list
- Added Ctrl+B shortcut to call Balance Account dialog
- Added Alt+H shortcut to hide/show the side panel
- Added support for keyboard shortcuts to transaction and bill dialogs
- Renamed transaction categories to transaction labels
- Added optional transaction update when label is renamed or deleted


- Fixed missing split tooltip when one of the columns is hidden
- Fixed incorrect display of the future bill with transfer from split
- Fixed selection of the most recent transaction depending on sort mode
- Split tooltips now correctly show categories with amperands
- Disabled sorting of transactions by amounts within the same day when 
  deposits are selected as the first transactions of the day
- Fixed account page switch causing a crash in Windows NT/2000
- Fixed minor bugs in transaction list update logic
- Fixed black vertical lines problem when resizing columns


- Added five predefined transaction tags
- Added support of transaction attachments
- Added ability to hide columns in transaction list
- Added accounts drop down list to transaction search dialog
- Added drop down list with account name to the Account page
- Added a column with account name to transaction report
- Fixed split and total tooltips blinking on the Account page
- Optimized initialization of account page
- Optimized initialization time of Payees page
- Updated IndiaTimes data source
- Updated Yahoo Finance UK data source
- Fixed minor bugs in porfolio value calculation algorithm


- Added option to hide side panel on the account page
- Balance account dialog now remembers widths of columns
- Implemented FIFO-based computation of investment gains
- Fixed case insensitive string comparison for non latin characters 
  causing creation of duplicate payees
- Fixed error preserving transaction status when existing transaction 
  is added as a recurring bill/deposit to the schedule
- Add button in the Split dialog is now the default button handling 
  Enter key
- Fixed import problem caused by read only attributes assigned 
  by Firefox 3 to temporary files
- Added possibility to change duplicate detection limits in config file.
- Improved support of PayPal order e-mails
- Added support for Angolan Kwanza (AOA)
- Improved help subsystem
- Now Portfolio page shows investments that were not updated 
  from the Internet
- Fixed error causing empty category list when unsplitting split 
- Added Norwegian help file


- Added "Divide downloaded quote by 100" checkbox to investment 
  properties dialog to handle downloads in cents and pennies.
- Fixed QIF import when non standard lines are present in a file.
- Fixed account list export error to CSV and TXT formats.


- Fixed stock quotes download errors
- Import rules now can be applied to the existing transactions
- Added support of importing QIF files with investment transactions
- Added support for different transaction numbers for the transfers
- Duplicate check warning is not displayed anymore when editing 
  an existing transaction with already assigned and unchanged number
- Added optional comment column to the table of investment transactions
- Added support of Zagreb Stock Exchange
- Fixed minor errors related to bill updates from the calendar screen
- Added delete button to Bills of a day dialog 
  (available from the Calendar page)
- Fixed export problem of individual account data
- Improved detection of duplicate transfers during import
- Transfer from split comment now is displayed on the destination account


- Fixed errors in date format configuration logic
- Fixed errors in detection of unused payees
- Fixed bugs in archiving algorithm
- Fixed behavior of decimal separator
- Added comment field to Investment Transaction dialog
- Added support for Second Sudanese Pound (SDG)


- Added archiving
- Added duplicate check number warning
- Added mouse wheel support in a list of accounts and reports
- Added support for simple arithmetic expressions to all dialogs
- Added support to download quotes and exchange rates through 
  proxy server
- Added support to download quotes from Money Central
- Added support to download quotes from Google Finance
- Added support to download quotes from Yahoo Finance UK
- Added Belarussian language
- Added tooltip for split transactions
- Budget by categories favorite report no longer opens as Budget 
  by subcategories
- Moved the most of configurable settings from the registry 
  to configuration file
- Improved calculation of total gain for negative number of shares
- Fixed XML export and import errors


- Added high resolution full color icons
- Added new data source for Indian mutual funds (AMFI)
- Fixed error of changing transfer from split state
- Improved parsing of amounts in OFX files
- Improved detection of duplicates for checks
- Fixed manual currency exchange rate update bug
- Fixed error of balance computation account list print 
  and print preview dialogs


- Fixed currency exchange rate download error
- Fixed sorting of banks
- Fixed error causing display of duplicate category names
- Fixed error in processing of split transfers in cash flow reports
- Improve startup data integrity check to process split transfers


- Fixed error causing creation of duplicate payees if they contain 
  non-English characters
- Added a notification asking a user to update currency exchange rates 
  when currency is seen for the first time
- Added support of Surinamese Dollar (SRD)
- Import rules now process split items too
- Fixed transaction sorting bug by transaction numbers if numbers 
  contain text
- Fixed bug causing autoentered numbered bills stay in the file even 
  after the last payment
- Changed file format to preserve transaction dates when system 
  timezone is changed
- Reports now automatically scroll down to the total line
- Backup error message is more informative now
- QIF import supports amounts with dollar sign
- Improved QIF import/export to properly support split comments
- Investment transaction dialog now remembers last used date and type
- Removed 11 characters limit from transaction number
- Fixed problem of not processing special characters in OFX files
- Added user selected investment price data source for Russian 
  and Indian markets
- Added Serbian Language


- Fixed transaction currency conversion problem
- Fixed bug which did not allow to delete unused payees and categories
- Detect duplicates flag is now enabled by default
- Software does not throw exception on account deletion
- Improved handling of category and payee changes from the account screen
- Improved parsing of check numbers in OFC files
- Improved parsing of RegNow email orders


- Added import rules
- Improved detection of PayPal notifications for copy/paste
- Added support of Belgium Francs (BEF)
- Fixed zero exchange rate bug causing invalid balances
- Added an option to disable detection of duplicates during import


- Minor printing bugs fixed
- Fixed sorting by total in the transaction reports
- Fixed date import issue in OFX parser
- Fixed missing account name when transaction belongs to closed account
- Fixed incorrect computation of adjusted budget limit for 
  the parent categories
- Fixed initialization of decimal separator for the numeric pad
- Fixed download of currency exchange rates for only selected currencies
- Fixed length limit of category and subcategory fields in 
  the split dialog
- Added Finnish language
- Added support of Iranian Rial (IRR)
- Added support of Serbian Dinar (CSD)


- Fixed OFX import error for comma separated amount fractions
- Added startup check for .mmw file extension ownership
- Added support for New Romanian Leu (RON)
- Fixed sorting in transaction reports


- Added Norwegian language
- Added Albanian language
- Fixed a problem in quote download of 4 digit values
- Fixed missing Edit Payee menu item in context menu for split 
- Fixed category report layout problem
- Fixed minor portfolio related presentation problems
- Fixed minor exchange rates dialog problem


- Improved print preview window
- Improved report generator
- Added Persian language
- Added Netherlands version of Dutch language
- Fixed error in hiding reconciled transfers from split
- Decimal separator key at the numeric keypad types the configured 
- Added apostrophe as a valid thousand separator
- Improved behavior of bill reminder if data file was not selected
- Fixed QIF parsing error adding a 0.0 transaction to any import


- Added Spanish help file
- Added Galician help file
- Fixed a bug in OFX import causing AceMoney to crash
- Added a possibility to update of bill amount and account when 
  the user records a bill payment and changes one of them


- Fixed an error calendar showing wrong due dates at the end of December
- Accounts printout now includes value of investements
- Added support for New Turkish Lira (TRY)
- Added support for Azerbaijan Manat (AZM)
- Fixed a rounding error in the Exchange Rates dialog
- Fixed a problem in OFC files processor
- Improved import of check numbers in the OFX files
- Improved behavior of Merge Categories dialog
- Improved budget reports for partial budget periods
- Improved precision of budget limit calculations
- Added half month budget limit


- Added initial balance field into the Savings Calculator dialog
- The values of the Savings Calculator are now persistent
- Improved selection logic in the list of transactions
- Fixed changing status of transfers from splits
- Fixed hiding reconciled transfers from splits
- Fixed change of password
- Minor bug fixes


- Added transfers from splits
- Added budget periods per category
- Removed old budget dialog
- Added new currency - Armenian Dram (AMD)
- Increased number of decimals in investment price history
- Increased number of decimals in the percent part of pie diagrams
- Fixed a bug of saving the state of showing the account numbers
- Changed Add bill/deposit from Alt+A to Alt+L
- Added change of focus to the category combo when user presses Add
  (or Alt+A) in the Split dialog
- Fixed a split/category related bug in Payee report generator
- Improved password encoding in the data file
- Added keyboard shortcuts for navigation: Alt+Left Arrow for Back, 
  Alt+Right Arrow for Forward and Alt+Home for Home.
- Improved parsing of PayPal email notifications
- Minor bugs fixes


- Improved behavior of transaction list
- Fixed Enter a bill feature, when a bill is entered from 
  the account screen
- Fixed sorting problem causing transactions to jump within the same date
- Added possibility to export schedule to HTML, TXT and CSV formats


- Fixed a font selection problem appearing in Win95/98/Me
- Removed a limit of 80 accounts shown in the Accounts menu
- Fixed a bug of displaying the bills with specified number
  of payments in the account form
- Minor investment management fixes


- Added list of favorite reports at the Reports screen
- Added hicolor toolbar buttons
- Added a flag to disable category analysis in the status bar
- Added an option to display future bills for a specified period 
  of time ahead
- Refactored Options dialog
- All date, amount and currency related settings are moved
  to International Settings dialog
- Fixed tab order at the Accounts screen
- Fixed bug in calculation of sum feature
- Fixed multilanguage problems at the Account and Reports screens
- Fixed numerous drawing problems at the Account and Reports screens
- Improved export to CSV format
- Improved font selection


- Added calculation of sum total of selected transactions
- Added Imported state of transaction
- Fixed RegNow ecommerce order parser
- Improved QIF/OFX import logic
- Minor bug fixes


- Fixed incorrect handling of half reconciled transfers
- Closed accounts now are displayed in grey color
- Added Hebrew language


- Added possibility to reconcile transfers on each individual account
- Added a parser of RegNow affiliate sales notifications
- Added UK specific sample file
- Minor bug fixes


- Added possibility to change a category in one or more transactions
- Added possibility to change a payee in one or more transactions
- Added persistence of values last entered in Mortgage 
  and Loan calculators
- Added import of OFC files into AceMoney using File->Import menu
- Added Czech language
- Fixed a problem of reporting transfers by categories
- Fixed a problem of searching text in split comments


- Added Symbol Lookup button to the Stock properties dialog
- Fixed a problem of the last payment in Savings Calculator
- Renamed Net Worth report to Cash Flow report
- Improved handling of transfers by Transactions report
- Improved handling of negative amounts in split transfers
- Fixed behavior of custom dates range


- Significantly increased speed of report generation
- Added Savings calculator
- Added Uzbekistan Sum (UZS) currency
- Added an option to exclude cost of shares from account balance


- Transaction Categories (entered in the Number field)
  now are saved in the data file
- Improved handling of not downloadable currency exchange rates
- Bill Reminder uses the same date and amount format settings
  as AceMoney
- Fixed a problem of launching AceMoney from Bill Reminder
- Added XP Look and Feel to Bill Reminder


- Added runtime synchronization between AceMoney 
  and AceMoney Bill Reminder when a user saves a file
- Fixed Transaction dialog bug
- Improved handling of Split items
- Updated several languages


- Added a button to create new transaction in the Balance dialog 
- Added a button to create new account in the QIF import dialog
- Added minus sign to the scheduled withdrawals
- Added recognition of RegSoft e-commerce V2V transfers
- Added sorting of split list items
- Added new QIF export dialog with date range specification
- Improved date and amount parsing of QIF files
- Fixed minor calculation error in Mortgage Calculator
- Fixed minor bugs in transaction search procedure
- Fixed currency download problem


- Added Loan calculator
- Added Mortgage calculator
- Added a menu item to call Windows calculator
- Added Every four months frequency to the bill properties
- Added mapping between the language and date/currency settings
  for fresh setup
- Added a checkbox to disable backup


- Removed limitation of 30 accounts in the Accounts menu
- Added support of ShareIt e-commerce provider orders
- Improved Account and Date selection in the Stock Transaction dialog
- Localized missing error messages for the Stock Transaction dialog
- Improved performance of balance calculation algorithm
- Added a configuration wizard for fresh setup


- Added configurable number of decimal digits for some currencies
- Fixed a problem in status bar category amount


- Added color customization of the future transactions
- Fixed a bug in sorting of the same day transactions


- Added predefined periods of time to Filter by dates
- Paste operation now supports exchange with Word/Excel
- Added used-defined table font and background colors
- Fixed transfer related bug in the transaction reports
- Added a new option to show deposits first for the same day transactions
- Improved logic of multicurrency transfer dialog when the user edits
  a previously entered transaction
- Added information about multicurrency transfer (rate and target amount)
  into the transaction dialog
- Added support of parsing and pasting the email orders coming from 
  the following e-commerce systems: PayPal, RegNow, RegSoft, 
  SWReg, Plimus


- Added Copy/Paste into the Schedule screen
- Added Copy/Paste menu items to the context menus 
  in the Account and Schedule screens
- Search now checks out the split comments
- Added possibility to add a transaction to the schedule 
  as a bill/deposit in account context menu


- Added a restore procedure
- Added ability to copy/paste transactions
- Fixed a bug of showing the recurrent bills at the calendar screen
- Improved handling of recurrent bills


- Added an option to exclude transfers from the reports
- Fixed password protection bug


- Added import of check numbers to OFX parser
- Added new payee attributes
- Fixed search criteria problem
- Fixed stock price downloading routine


- Added Search function
- Added Budget report by categories
- Fixed a problem of filtering by category in Budget report


- Enabled date filter in Budget report
- Fixed calculation of budget periods
- Fixed calculation of reconciled balances when stock is 
  associated with the account
- Added Welsh language


- Fixed occasional hangups in the Net Worth report
- Fixed invalid payee recognition in OFX files
- Added four digits precision for stock transactions
- Fixed font internationalization problems


- Fixed date related problem which was causing crashes during 
  the application startup and in the transaction dialog
- Fixed translation of word 'Amount' in the Options dialog
- Several languages were updated


- Added selection of the startup (home) screen
- Added ATM and ACH values for transaction number
- Added Arabic language
- Added German language
- Added Bulgarian language
- Fixed columns in the daily bills dialog
- Fixed CSV export of comma separated numbers
- Minor date related fixes
- Refactored report generator, several problems fixed
- Enabled filtering by dates in Net Worth report
- Added context menu item to run Payee report for the selected 
- Added context menu item to run Category report for the selected 


- Added option to disable generation of the transaction number
  and to use Debit as default value
- Added frequency column to the schedule
- Changed design of the Bill dialog
- Added potential number of payments to the bill
- Improved transactions sorting by number
- Added alphabetical sorting by account type at the accounts screen
- Added alphabetical sorting by account name in the accounts printout
- Fixed split transfers reporting in the Transaction report
- Added import of banks from .dat file
- Added Catalan language


- Fixed another problem in split transfer reporting
- Fixed pound/penny stock download conversion for the London Market
- Minor optimization in different areas
- Language files now have their own directory
- Added Spanish version of tutorial


- Improved detection of duplicate transactions for QIF import
- Improved stock price download routine
- Fixed reporting of split-transfers


- Changed layout of Portofolio screen for 800x600 screens
- Fixed deletion of payees in transaction
- Net worth report now adds initial account balance to total
- Changed algorithm of stock gain calculation
- Fixed a problem with hyperlinks when user selects large fonts
- Added export of portfolio to XML, CSV, TXT and HTML
- Fixed a problem of reporting negative values in splits


- Added edit category to the transaction context menu
- Added edit payee to the transaction context menu
- Added currency of investments
- Added calculation of total value and total gain for portfolio
- Value of stocks is now reflected on the account balance
- Changed dialog font to achieve NT4 compatibility
- Improved reporting of categorized transfers
- Updated stock prices download procedure
- Added Danish language
- Added English UK language
- Fixed bill date modification when bill is entered
  from account form


- Fixed sorting by code in report by category/subcategory
- Added Last 30 days transactions report
- Added Chinese language
- Added previously missed languages
- Fixed language names


- Updated stock download procedure
- Added new columns to Spendings by payees report
- Added new columns to Spendings by categories report
- Added new columns to Spendings by subcategories report
- Added Bosnian language
- Added Greek language
- Added backup automatically option


- Fixed sum of split amounts problem
- Fixed behavior of the Balance account dialog
- Added U keyboard shortcut to mark transaction as uncleared
- Rearranged Options dialog
- Added date separator configuration
- Updated stock downloading procedure


- Added number field to QIF export
- Fixed manual currency update problem
- Fixed bill/deposit transaction type change
- Fixed category screen totals calculations


- Added check for existing transactions during QIF/OFX import
- Added support of comments in splits
- Added favorite reports
- Added sorting in the schedule
- Fixed problem of reporting totals for splits
- Fixed problem of multicurrency transfers
- Fixed duplicate file names problem in the window title
- Bill is not affected by the entered date anymore


- Fixed sorting problems in category and subcategory reports
- Added Show file name in the title bar flag
- Added Show sold stocks flag
- Added default transaction type selection
- Added total line in the Net Worth report
- Changed logic of current totals calculation for different sort modes


- Fixed QIF date parsing problem
- Fixed scheduled transfer persistence issue
- Fixed portfolio related localization problems
- Fixed default currency reset to USD problem
- Now columns with zero width (hidden) can be saved


- Added investment transaction list to portfolio
- Fixed minor problems with OFX parser
- Fixed minor currency exchange and configuration issues
- Now all date controls are consistent with the chosen date format
- Now the font face gets changed at the Accounts and Reports pages
  based on the user list font selection
- Added Show splash screen options flag


- Fixed investment transaction dialog bug
- Added new investment action Add shares
- Added new investment action Remove shares
- Minor fixes in the transaction report


- Added investment management: Portfolio screen, investment 
- Added support for Every four weeks frequency
- Added New report index page
- Added Date field into every report printout
- Added Net Worth report with Bar Chart
- Added SubCategory report
- Added user defined category code
- Added New Bank properties
- Added list font selection
- Added Turkish language
- Added Slovak language
- Added splash screen
- Fixed QIF/OFX/QFX parsing problem


- Fixed report generation problems
- Improved CSV format processor to support comma separated numbers


- Added user specific amount format options
- Added auto complete for the Number field in the Transaction dialog
- The Reports screen looks and behaves better
- Added calculation of number of transactions per payee 
  and category in payee, category and budget reports


- Added Hungarian language
- Added support for default transaction type: every new transaction 
  has a type of the previously entered one


- Fixed distortion of Balance Account check list
- Added Browse directory button to the Backup dialog


- Textual sorting direction pointers were replaced with graphical ones
- Several improvements of the Balance Account dialog
- Fixed several bugs in date related calculations
- Minor improvement at calendar screen


- Added Balance Account dialog for reconciliation
- Overall performance enhancements


- Improved QIF parser for comma separated amounts


- Added tooltip showing multiple balances at the account form


- Added Galician Spanish language
- Fixed minor bugs in the Lite version
- Fixed automatic multicurrency bills issues


- Updated Italian language
- Updated Polish language
- Updated Portuguese Standard language
- Minor fixes in the Lite version


- Added Calendar screen for the schedule
- Added Automatic mode for the bills
- Added Lithuanian language
- Added support for Bulgarian Lev


- Updated Italian version
- Added batch files to save and restore settings
- Added Euro icons
- Fixed resource leaking in Reports
- Fixed several Windows95/98/Me specific issues


- Now the list of Accounts in the Accounts menu is sorted
- Fixed a problem of switching forms


- Added resizable print preview
- New Ukrainian translation
- Added Ukrainian categories and account types
- Fixed the print preview multicurrency totals


- Improved update logic for the forms
- Updated Swedish translation
- Added Swedish categories, banks and account types


- Fixed a bug related to deletion of default account


- Fixed a bug in subcategory report generation


- Fixed 'add split transaction' behavior


- Updated Portuguese translation
- Fixed bug in the transaction deletion procedure
- Improved pie chart diagram for 800x600 screen resolution


- Updated Polish translation
- Added advanced currency exchange dialog
- Fixed unused categories deletion bug


- Added merging of categories and payees
- Added setup of background colors
- Several minor UI adjustments
- Fixed a problem of adding accounts to the Accounts menu
- Fixed reports help
- Improved the data consistency check during the program startup


- Added support of Polish language
- Some internal mechanisms were refactored
- overall performance improvement
- Internet connection has been reimplemented.
  Now AceMoney supports updates through proxy servers.


- Added export to XML format
- Fixed a bug in the 'setup budget limit' procedure


- Fixed a problem with automatic loading of the file with default account
- Fixed a bug in the 'change transaction status' routine
- Fixed a bug in editing the six-months bill


- Fixed negative amount in the Bill dialog
- Fixed loss of focus in the Password dialog
- Fixed sorting bug of recorded bills
- Fixed a bug with the first back command


- Fixed bugs related to 'Hide reconciled mode'


- Fixed problem with large amounts
- Fixed negative deposits in reports problem


- Added support of OFC format
- Added alphabetical sorting of accounts on the main screen
- Fixed a bug of reporting and storing the split transactions


- Added Ukrainian language support
- Improved logic for storing width of columns
- Added 'Every six months' bill option
- Identified and fixed several minor bugs


- Fixed insert-key problem
- Improved next check number feature
- Updated Dutch translation
- Fixed show/hide closed accounts feature
- What's New menu item now opens local file
- Help subsystem is now HTML based
- Improved logic of loading the last file


- Added sample file
- Added French categories and account types
- Added Portuguese language
- Improved addition of new categories
- Added possibility to record bill payment from the account screen
- Fixed minor sorting problems for bills and deposits
- Current month report now shows entered future transactions too
- Fixed printing problem for subcategories report
- Fixed a problem with backup to the same directory
- .bak extension is added to the backup file


- Added Back and Forward navigation buttons
- Implemented new 'two steps' reports for categories/subcategories
- A new name for flag Hide Cleared from now on is Hide Reconciled and
  the program saves it's setting in data file for every account.
  Now it hides only Reconciled transactions
- Improved automatic selection of last amount
- Improved automatic selection of subcategories


- Added updated Dutch translation
- Added updated Swedish translation
- Minor improvements in Categories
- Activated F2 - F7 keys for switching between screens
- Added keyboard shortcuts section to the help subsystem
- Sorting in Account Registry
- Sorting in Reports
- Sorting in Payees
- Sorting in Categories
- Sorting in Banks


- Fixed a bug with double total included to pie charts
- Added new version of Italian


- Improved Categories screen (added separate columns for income 
  and expense)
- Improved Budget reporting
- Double click in Schedule now means Edit Bill, not record transaction
- Added Unassigned line calculation for categories and payees reports
- Improved algorithm of transfering amounts between accounts with
  different currencies


- Enhanced import support (now AceMoney starts directly from the browser
  when user selects to open QIF/OFX/QFX file)
- OFX file format support (import of OFX and QFX files)
- Budget analysis (a whole set of new features)
- If payee or category was selected in filter and there are no
  transactions for them, zero values will be shown in the report
  (before they were not shown at all)
- Added preview of future transactions in account registry
- Missed bills and deposits in schedule are marked with red color
- Added automatic selection of subcategories if a category is selected 
  in Filter by categories dialog
- Fixed a bug in dates range validation for reports
- Improved speed of report generation
- Added French language
- Autoinsert of last amount for selected payee in new transaction dialog
- Printing of tables (Account list, Account and Reports)
- New columns in Banks Form: address, web-site and comment
- New columns in Payees Form: address, comment
- Comment column in Schedule Form
- New look for tables, better background and red negative numbers
- Pie chart now also shows percentage
- Total for table reports is calculated
- Changed default transaction type for bills (now it is withdrawal)


- Improved the sequence of opening last files (no screen flickering)
- Added export of account balances to TXT and CSV
- Now user doesn't have to reenter password when
  she changes options for password protected files
- Category and payee reports now convert results into default currency
- Fixed a bug in Transaction dialog (empty split - empty category)
- Fixed a bug with Bills and Deposits referencing to deleted accounts
- Fixed a bug in Transaction Currency exchange dialog


- Added automatic save operation every time the user changes the document
- Added a check for Internet connection


- Added export to ascii text format
- Added total field calculation for graphical reports
- Fixed a problem with total balance account text 
  in low resolutions
- Fixed a resource leakage in reports (for Win95/98/Me users)
- If data file is password protected the main window will be
  minimized during password dialog.

- Fixed a bug in data storing procedure


- Added Export of accounts and reports to HTML format
- Added .mmw file format registration with AceMoney which
  allowes file open command from Explorer
- Added import and export of transaction comments
  from/to QIF files (the M field)
- Fixed deletion of unuses categories that didn't check
  splitted transactions


- Added several new currencies
- Added "one click" currency exchange rates download from the main page
- Added automatic backup function
- Fixed multiple currencies issues in reporting
- Fixed several font related NT 4 specific problems
- Fixed multiline input problem for Banks
- Fixed Closed accounts flag error


- Exchange rates automatic update from the Net
- QIF parser is now default date format sensitive
- Minor changes in User Interface
- New installation package
- Added Spanish language
- Added Swedish language
- New version of Italian translation


- Fixed several Windows 95/98/NT compatibility issues
- Fixed a problem with missing DLLs in certain environments
- Fixed several minor bugs in pie chart reports


- Filtering of cleared transactions
- Little changes in design of AccountList and Account forms
- Fixed a problem with entering bills without account
- File whatsnew.txt from now on is a part of installation


- Added bill type that comes every other month
- Added export to CSV (for Excel) of account registry and reports
- Fixed a problem with persistence of currencies


- Multicurrency accounting
- Minor bugs fixed
- Italian language


- Fixed a bug in report generation for splits
- Tooltips now appear on the report pie


- New design of Accounts screen
- Added graphic reports
- Support of transactions with debit flag
- Fixed a problem with automatic generation of check numbers


- Added export to QIF format
- Added multilanguage tutorial
- Added status display with current month category spending
- Transaction comment now can be displayed in account registry


- Added change of title when switching between accounts
- Added much better localization support
- Added possibility to add new bill that will arrive only once
- The program remembers the width of columns


- Added start page selection
- Now the program remembers the category for payee

2.0 - Real world release

Version 1.0 was redesigned and released as new application
with a lot of new features

1.0 - Initial internal release

- No history for version 1.0