AceMoney version 4.37.1 / December 24, 2018

Personal Finance Software for Mac OS X or Windows

AceMoney is the best Quicken or Microsoft Money alternative financial software you can find, for Mac OS X or Windows. Manage accounts of different types in different currencies, track your spending habits, record your expenses, or do on-line banking. You do not have to be an accountant to use it. It is so easy! Set your mind at ease by scheduling automatic backup.

Personal Finance Software - AceMoney - Quicken Alternative
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"The cream of the software crop! We highly recommend this download.
This program promises to help you keep track of home and small-business finances. The installation runs quickly for this small download. The software is well-designed, includes many features, and even supports various languages including Russian and Slovak. All commands are accessible from buttons within the interface as well as in the menus. It performs all types of calculations, downloads the latest exchange rates from the Internet, and handles online banking. Bank-account and credit-card information can be protected by passwords to keep your data secure. A button link gives you quick access to the developer's site for updates or help. With its extensive features, good design, and free price, there is no reason not to try AceMoney Lite (free personal finance software)."
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"Windows-only release installed smoothly, opening to a simple home page with a clean array of menus and icons."

"Microsoft Money users will feel somewhat at home with AceMoney. The software uses the same "browser-like" navigation Money users got used to. It's pretty stripped down, but handles the basics."

"If you just can't abide going with the market leader, there's another downloadable competitor, AceMoney. It's a little more reasonably priced: $30 versus the $40 we paid for the others, plus no additional fee for later upgrading."


Gord McFee, Canada:
I've said it many times, but I'll say it again. This is the best piece of shareware I have seen yet (and I have been seeing them for a lot of years) when you factor in features, price, simplicity and author response and interaction. The BEST.

Shane R. Monroe, USA:
A long time Microsoft Money user, I finally got fed up with all the ads and other crap inside MS Money. I found ALL the functionality I needed for tracking all my accounts right here inside this financial package. Its small, fast, the author is very receptive to requests, and it pretty much does it all for a standard home user.

Mark Gatzke, USA:
After fighting with the latest versions of both Microsoft Money and Intuit Quicken, I was pleased to download (and register) AceMoney. It's easy to use and gives me control that the other programs won't. I imported all of my data with very minor adjustments and have decided to uninstall the other two programs in favor of this one.

Ed Hennessy, USA:
The program is terrific - just what we wanted and nothing more. Our new computer came with Quicken 2002, which I uninstalled - who needs a 120 MB program to do what AceMoney does so well and so efficiently!

David Walton, Australia:
I congratulate you on a super, intutitive and SIMPLE Financial Organiser. Kills the other mainstream ones with ease of use. Hope it never gets TOO top heavy with more gizmos.

Kim, UK:
I've downloaded and registered your programme and am very impressed. I've looked at lots of similar programmes this week and must say this one is by far the best. Easy to use and well thought out, and miles ahead of the others - some dont even seem to understand basic accounting principals. I've at last got my personal finances organised.

MechCAD Software:
We are proud to tell you that MechCAD Software staff is using AceMoney for business and personal accounting needs. Actually we do all our accounting in AceMoney. Unlike many other companies we don't develop software "just for sale", we actually use our products on the daily basis!

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