AceMoney Receipts
for Android

Personal Expense Receipts Tracker

Personal expense receipts tracker for Android Smartphone and Tablet devices (iOS version is coming) is an excellent addition to the desktop version of AceMoney. It makes recording a receipt right at the store a breeze. Upload your receipts and synchronize your mobile device with the desktop file right there or at your leisure. Powerful animated report charts, showing data from your desktop, let you know your financial situation at any moment. Check the screenshots

AceMoney Receipts - Personal Expense Tracker
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AceMoney Receipts - Getting Started


1. Download and Launch AceMoney Receipts app
   from Google Play
2. Read and accept End User License Agreement
3. You are now at the application's main screen

9. Settings button -> Pair Device

Pair Device

10. Enter the PIN code from step #9

Enter PIN

11. Observe the "Device is now paired" message
12. You are now ready to digitize your receipts!


4. Launch AceMoney application on a PC or Mac
5. Open your data file (most users have one file)
6. Select menu "AceCloud -> Cloud Settings"

7. Click on the "Grant Access" button

AceCloud Settings

8. A 6-digit PIN is displayed, to be used for pairing


Push payees/accounts/categories/reports to the device

To push the latest changes to your data, from AceMoney to AceMoney Receipts, simply save your file.
The idea is that we do not want to send updates to Android, unless you decide to actually save the data you may have changed. Otherwise you may back out and cancel file saving and exit AceMoney, and the updates were already gone to the AceMoney Receipts device.

To receive the latest updates on your AceMoney Receipts device, click on the Menu button and select Sync
Long Click

Upload receipt(s)

After you have taken snapshots of your receipts and edited them, you can upload them individually or in bulk.

To upload individual receipt, just long click on it and select 'Upload Receipt'.

To upload ALL remaining recipts that have not been uploaded yet, click on the Menu button on your device and select 'Upload Receipts'.

Long Click

Long Click

Uploaded receipts identified

The receipts that have been successfuly uploaded to the cloud, but not yet recorded in AceMoney, are identified by the Arrow Up symbol.
The receipts that have been recorded in AceMoney, and synced back, are identified by the Check Mark symbol.

Long Click

Taking a receipt snapshot

To take a receipt snapshot, just click on the Shutter button on the right side.
After snapshot is taken, the fileds are going to fade in, and you can enter the data (account/category/amount/comment) if you wish. Yo do not have to enter any data though, if you are in a hurry. You can edit the receipt later, before you upload it, or you can just upload it as such and enter/change data on your desktop, in AceMoney, at the moment you record the receipt.
Any changes you make to the receipt, when recording it in AceMoney on your desktop, will be synced back to AceMoney Receipts

At this point, whether you enter any data or not, you can save the receipt by pressing the Back button on your device, or you can immediately proceed and take a snapshot of another receipt by clicking on the same shutter button, without backing out.
The receipt number, at the top of the screen, will increase, reflecting that you are processing another receipt.
Taking Snapshot

Taking receipt snapshots directly from lock screen

Just add AMR QuickSnap to your lock screen shortucts (the exact procedure depends on your device) and you will be able to take snapshots literaly in seconds. Directly from lock screen go into snapshot mode, take snapshot, possibly click on a Preset button to populate the fields, and you are done in three clicks.

AMR QuickSnap

Using presets

To configure a preset, just configure all the fields with the wanted values, long click on the preset button you want to retain the settings and provide the name for the preset. To use it, afterward, to populate all fields with a single click, just regular click on the wanted preset button.
To reconfigure the preset button, repeat the procedure. To reset the preset button, long click on it, select the 'reset' checkbox, and accept it.


Adding snapshots to a multi-part receipt

Some receipts have multiple parts, whether multiple-pages, or they just do not fit into a single snapshot.
To add additional snapshots to the same receipt you have just taken a snapshot off, simply click on the Shutter+ button on the left
The snapshot counter (not the receipt counter) to the left of the Shutter+ button will increase.
You can add up to 4 snapshots to the same receipt if you want, just make sure you do not back out, by pressing the Back button, or take a new receipt snapshot by pressing the 'Shutter' button on the right.

Adding Snapshot

Spending per category/subcategory gauged

To easily track your spending per category/subcategory since the begining of the month, configure the gauges by long clicking the gauge area, or selecting Menu->Gauges.
Select individual subcategory for each gauge and set a monthly budget for it. If you leave the budget empty, it will be automatically set to $100. To include a whole category, just select the 'Includee peers' checkbox.
The green range will go from 0 up to 70% of the budget you specified, yellow will continue up to 100%, and red will initially go up to 110% of the budget, but will keep extending if you go over the budget.
Spending Gauges

Use text mode instead of gauges

Click on the gauge area to flip the gauges to/from text mode.

Text instead of gauges

Payee/Account/Category selection sorted by 'most often used'

When selecting account or category, long click on the button to get the list sorted by most used.
The account or category occurring the most often in receipts on your phone will be at the top, and so on.
The accounts or categories that do not yet occur in any of the receipts on your phone will be listed at the end, sorted alphabetically.

This feature works when taking receipt snapshot, editing receipts, or configuring filter. It does not work when configuring gauges.
Long Click

Quick filtering based on an existing receipt

To quickly configure filtering, based on the account and category of an existing recip, just long click on the specific receipt and select Filter by Receipt.
The 'Filter' dialog will apear with the account and category already selected, based on the selection in the receipt you long-clicked on.
Once in the dialog, make changes if needed, and backout by pressing the Back button on your device, to have your receipts filtered accordingly.

Quick Filter

Turn filtering off quickly

To quickly turn filtering off, simply long click on the filter button
Both, account and category filters will be reset, and all your receipts will be displayed.

Filter off